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About Temporary Traffic Control (Formerly Maintenance of Traffic):

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In the most practical terms, TTC is needed to ensure both workers and the public can work in or travel through temporary work zones without getting injured.


Effective TTC involves planning, design, supervision, implementation and maintenance of various work zone traffic control devices.


In order to accomplish this, properly trained and competent workers are needed. 


Training Categories:

Basic (Flagger)- This course is required for personnel flagging traffic "ONLY"


Intermediate and Intermediate Refresher- This course is required for personnel with duties that include any of the following activities:

Advanced and Advanced Refresher- personnel with the authority and responsibility for making decisions on the specific TTC requirements to be implemented. These positions include the following:

TTC Enforcement:


Effective July15, 2014 All TTC/MOT Course Materials and Exams are STANDARIZED in the State of Florida. Course Material is supplied directly from FDOT.


If you are trying to obtain a permit for any job near the road way the local, county, or state office will typically want to see your TTC training credentials and may even require a traffic control plan.


In addition, inspectors and building officials may stop to inspect your jobs to make sure they are compliant. Non-compliant jobs may be shut down until the TTC issues are corrected.


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