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You will find many pertinent resources on this page.


These resources are available to students to keep up-to-date with information.


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Standard Plans for Road and Bridge Construction (See All Revisions)

FDOT Documents and Publications

Date Title Description Preview Download
10/20/2016 Form 001 Mot Provider Application And Information Sheet Alfka R071821 New Provider & Renewal- No Fee New Instructor & New Proctor: No Fee Change of Information: No Fee Add Level: No Fee (Include Written Policies) New Provider application submission must include: Application, Written Policies, Form 004 for each instructor/proctor, Resume for each instructor, Current Certificate for each instructor. *Resume's must meet criteria listed on application and detail the KSA's. You can refer to Instructor Section and TTC Handbook. Incomplete applications will not be processed so ensure all documents are included in 1 PDF packet, separate files will not be accepted. Submit application with documents to pdf Download
03/28/2016 Form 008 Instructor Recertification Form R071821 Recertification is based on the instructor’s current MOT Certificate level. The 4 Classes taught in the last two-year period must be of the same level. Form must be submitted to MOT Administrator at, prior to Certificate expiration date. Instructor CANNOT teach with an expired certificate pdf Download
07/14/2016 Form 009 Refresher Extension Request R030822 This form allows a Provider, Student, or Student's Employer to request an extension to attend a future Refresher class due to reasons listed on form. Student must have a valid MOT Certificate to submit this form. *NOTE: No classes were found near our location/area/virtually or by our preferred provider until after the expiration date is not an valid reason and request will be DENIED. Please use the "Find a Training Provider" tool at Form must be filled out and emailed to After information is verified, form will be sent to FDOT. If a letter of approval is issued student must present it with the TTC/MOT Wallet Card/Certificate. If Certificate expires prior to registered class, TTC/MOT work related to his/her certificate may NOT be performed until a valid TTC/MOT Certificate is issued. pdf Download
07/14/2014 Laneclosure Lane Closure Worksheet (xls) excel Download
07/14/2014 Mutcd2009r1r2edition May 2012 Rev Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) (May 2012 Revision) pdf Download
12/19/2014 MOT Student Portal User Guide Rev 1 Step-by-step instructions to login, view exam results and renewing your certificate pdf Download
12/07/2015 Temporary Traffic Control Training Handbook 0816 Finalized Revised/Updated 0816: Temporary Traffic Control Training (Process/Requirement levels of training breakdown), MOT Administrator's Scope of Services, FDOT-Approved Training (Provider Requirements and Instructor Qualifications, Provider Application Process), Responsibilities of Providers and Instructors pdf Download
07/14/2014 Trafficpacing Traffic Pacing Worksheet (xls) excel Download
03/27/2017 Written Policies R071821 Use template to assist in the Application process of becoming a Provider pdf Download