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Provider FAQ's

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Provider FAQ's:

How do I become a provider?

To become a Provider you will need the following:Drum


If I am a provider how do I add more instructors?


If I am a provider how do I add proctors?


What are the requirements to be an instructor?

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What are the requirements to be a proctor?


If I am an authorized instructor am I also a proctor?


What are the requirement for students to sit in class and for exam?

Basic, Intermediate, Advanced

Intermediate Refresher, Advanced Refresher


Who can teach a Basic Flagger Course?


Can I use my own course material?


What is the fee to become a provider?


What is the cost of the exam and certificates?


What is the cost for the flagger certificates?


Where do I get the exam “scantron” sheets from?


What do I do with the exam sheets after the class?

Option 2)

It is our goal to process the exams within 3 business days from when they are received although FDOT policy states two (2) weeks.


How do I submit the ZipScan Forms Electronically?


How do I buy course exams?


What forms of payment do you take?


Do I need a PayPal account?


Do Providers receive a summary of grades after exams have been processed?

Exam Results:


Is there special accommodations for TTC/MOT training and exams?


Do all providers offer continuing credit hours for MOT?